This site is heavily under construction and more of a testing project. The goal is to create a website that explains statistics in an easy to understand fashion. This site is an attempt to have a lot of information, for a more brief crash course please go here.

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How to navigate?

On the left you can click on any session you like. This will usually open a window divided into five parts. On the left the menu remains, in the middle the text for that segment and on the top right some YouTube videos that go over the content in the form of a weblecture and on the bottom right the definitions of the terms that are in that segment.

Please note that you can RESIZE each of the parts on the website. If you only want to watch the YouTube videos you can either go to the YouTube channel, or drag the windows in such a way that it is the only section visible.

Resize Frames Example

What to expect?

There are already thousands of websites out there about statistics so why another one? The goal of this site is to provide a free online course to follow, but also use as a quick-review. The segments and weblecturers are aimed to be brief but thorough. After completion of the website you can either start from the beginning, or can choose what specifically you are looking for. Concepts are explained seperately from formulas so if you only want to apply statistics and are afraid of formulas you can find what your looking for here, while those who love formulas can also find them.

When terms and calculations are explained they might seem easy and logical, but as with many things if an expert does it, it often looks easy. To know if you understood the content, you will need to practice. Exercise generators made in MS Excel will provide you with an endless amount exercises.

This site will also future how to work with SPSS, and perhaps in the future R and Excel.

As you can read the site is quite ambitious but if I can manage I think the end result will be very useful. Please leave any feedback or comments you have. You can do this by going to a YouTube video of mine and enter something in the comments section.